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How to Win Every Match in 8 Ball Pool

how to win every 8 ball pool match

Win Every Match in 8 Ball Pool

I receive messages from my friends that what are the techniques we can use to win the maximum of our game in 8 ball pool. They were saying that we always lose from a very easily ending, we just need to pot two or three balls to win but in the last, we lose the game. I told them that, soon I am going to write an article about how to win every game in 8 ball pool. Just follow the tips to win 8 ball pool matches.

Good Break Shot

The first one and the most important 8 ball pool tip or technique is to start with a good break shot. A good break shot helps to win 8 ball pool match easily. You must use a very good cue that has a higher power, aim and spin to break your first shot. One of my favourite 8 ball pool shot is below. Check it properly, check the spin of the ball. You have to take your first shot with full power.

8 ball pool best shot


Analyze Table

After you had made your first break shot, the second important thing comes into the action that is to analyze the table after your first shot. Keep in mind, that you must have potted one or more than one balls in the table pockets so that you can have a chance to play your second shot.

8 ball pool table


Choose Solids/Stripes

When you had analyzed the table carefully, now you have to make the decision to choose between 8 ball pool solids balls or 8 ball pool stripes balls. You have to keep in mind what and which balls are positioned, either solid balls are easy to pot or stripes. You have to check which of the balls are blocked and can create a problem in the next shots. Also, you have to check which balls you’ve already potted in the 8 ball pool table pocket. In the above picture, while analyzing the table carefully I would like to go with the solids one because they are looking easy to be potted.

win 8 ball pool match

Power and Spin

The use of 8 ball pool cue power and spin play a very important role in every 8 ball pool match. You have to be very careful using 8 ball pool cue power and spin. Don’t try to use extra cue power and spin if there is no need because it is observed that 70% of the white balls potted in the 8 ball pool pockets when a player start to use the full power and spin in the middle of the game. By doing this mistake everytime you will lose your shot and hence more chances to lose the game too.

win 8 ball pool match

Plan Next Shot

Always plan your next 8 ball pool shot. This is a very important thing that 68% of the players don’t pay attention to this thing. Planning the next shot is always a good practice to do. If some of your 8 ball pool balls are stuck or blocked you can plan how to unblock or release them by choosing the right pocket, cue power and cue spin. Always think about that where should the cue ball stop when you apply power and spin so that to put another ball in the 8 ball pool pocket become an easy task.


Final Words

So these are the things which will make you a pro player of 8 ball pool and also by using the above tips and technique you will be able to win a maximum of your matches in 8 ball pool game. The more matches you will win the more chances to win 8 ball pool coins and 8 ball pool cash.  You can check how to get 8 ball pool avatar and also there are some additional 8 ball pool tips to follow.

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